Hello!!! People!!! How's going?
2007-10-14 @ 10:20:43
Today is Sunday!!! Tomorrow school!I'm quite happy in this reason! Anyway I really don't know what I can write!!! So, I watched your blogs!They're very nice!!!Tell me how to change the picture with 'Your logo'! Please help me! I love you all!!!!!! Bye! I'm waiting!!!!

Well, me myself don't even know how to change a colour of a blog. It should change after I click the colour's cell but it doesn't so maybe something's wrong. Sorry but I can't help you about that ;)

You know, you don't have to shout ;)

Thanks for visiting my blog ;) Hope you'll be allright soon.
Thank you. It's very nice of you to tell me that ;)
If you still want change your main logo you must go to configuration and delate adress of "Your big logo". You can put there some another adress if you want have some picture or something else on the top of your blog :)

good luck!

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