*-* *^* *_*
2007-11-09 @ 18:41:26
Do you like tounge twisters? I love it very much!!There's so much fun with it!Don't you think so?
2007-11-07 @ 20:09:16
Life is full of choices. Sometimes i don't know what to choose! bUT We must know what is important for us.
2007-11-05 @ 23:35:31
Life is unbeliveable! We don't know what we can expect for it. One day we are on the top and whenever at the bottom.
2007-10-17 @ 12:59:29
I'm in very bad moon today. I'm sick. I have a cold and a terriblle headache. Maybe I'll go to bed snd I'll sleep a litlle!
Hello!!! People!!! How's going?
2007-10-14 @ 10:20:43
Today is Sunday!!! Tomorrow school!I'm quite happy in this reason! Anyway I really don't know what I can write!!! So, I watched your blogs!They're very nice!!!Tell me how to change the picture with 'Your logo'! Please help me! I love you all!!!!!! Bye! I'm waiting!!!!
Hello! Everyone!
2007-10-12 @ 23:12:37
I was three days in Cracow. It was fantastic! I had good time! I was with my class.
Hello! My name is Aga!
2007-07-26 @ 13:07:14
I'm very happy today in spite of the weather(it's no so good but it's changing).It's already haf of the holiday! How awfuly! But I have a hope that the rest of holiday would be better.At the beggining of the September I'm going to the my cousin's wedding! It'll be nice I'm so happy!Bye!
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