2010-10-27 @ 20:49:48
Today in school was boring. Our class have history test . In my opinion test was medium , but some questions was hard. Later our class have chemistry. I showed presentation with my 2 friends. We have 5- , wow!!! Later i ate dinner and i watched match in TV . Bye!
2010-10-21 @ 09:08:38
I had psyhic test of physics! Test was hard , but i hope pass. After school i was tired . I did homework and in the evening i watched match. That is all.Bye!
2010-10-13 @ 21:38:21
Tomorrow is day national education. We dont have lesson in school , yeah! Today in my school was shortened lesson . We finished lesson 2 hours earlier than always . After lesson was distribution awards for teachers in our school in different categories. OK , i write something in next week . Bye!
2010-10-06 @ 19:59:20
Hi ! It's me again . I had today maths test. In my opinion was hard. I have hope will pass. This day was difficult and boring.
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