2008-08-10 @ 16:42:59
It has always been a part of life on this world. Some days ago, a new war began. War in Georgia. The only thing i want to say to you today is: watch this:

What do you think?
2008-07-25 @ 14:29:04
Few days ago, there was a noticeable event in the headquarters of our glorious Polish legislature - sejm. To be more accurate - I mean the quarrel during a session of the statutory commission. It was no way that the meeting could be chaired because of the M.P.-s of Law and Justice and Civic Platform as well. If you're interested in it, you also know that the only M.P. who apologized for it was Mr Dolniak from CP - from today, one of M.P.-s considered by me as "OK".
And another thing: according to what Mr Piotr Zaremba wrote in today's "Dziennik", the legislature should work on education reforms, future of nuclear energetics, or building some motorways. I add to this also improving our foreign policy, but I know, this is rather a job for our lazy government.
And the most important: What do you think about these?
What's with your attendance?
2008-07-13 @ 11:35:21
I understand that we have holidays, but does this mean you stopped reading this site (All the blogs, not only mine)?
Anyway, I have already changed my description, it's not "ID" anymore and it will never be that again, but you can still guess, if you want.
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