My dreams ;)
2009-11-13 @ 20:51:29
Hi ! Today write about my dreams. My dreams this is sing in concert, because i go to music school and play in piano. My best friend sometimes sayes that stop
think about sing, dance and play in piano. I like Wiktoria, but she is always very certain, and i don't know what does. I like great fun and super people, i like too meet friends and visit new country, town, village and city. In my live is big colerfull and fun. I'm sweet and cute, but only sometimes :) I've go to go. See you ;*
Welcome !
2009-11-05 @ 17:34:00
Hi people ! This is my first note in my blog. My name's Ola. I'm twelve years old. I like music, dance, sing and play in piano. I love my fantastic friends and make shopping. In free time draw, sing, dance and to do homework. I have two brothers. They name are Tomek and Piotrek. Boys very nice. My hair color is brown, but my eyes are blue. I live in Elbląg. Elbląg is average city for largeness that, but very like my city, because here have fantastic friends.
Bye-bye :*
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