A werid week.
2018-08-06 @ 12:41:24
I know that my diary update should be done yesterday, but my computer became broken and I didin't know how turn it back, So I had to re-instal my windows 10 today :) so I am after my rehab session that I made all by myself, tomorow I will go to rehab session to E-chan, so I think it will be fun I won't have to do it by myself :) so I feel fine! Last week wasn't boring at all, but I wonder if my note will be long as before...
My younger bro ( and the older one mabe too) thinks I don't care about my family problems, and yes thats true, I try to don't care beacuse I know I can't change that situtaion beacuse I didin't make that situation, so what whould change If I cried or screamed? When I really cared everyone said that I should care about myself, when I do what they told me they called me egoistic without feelings. People and society are stupid.

In Wednesday I visted my aunt who live with my female cousin ( not the one who get married latley) who is the same age as me but have two kids ( Two girls), the older one let call her Jag-chii is very people person, she can't stop to speak ! :D I didin't have to do anything when I was babysitter for her, she only talked, created new plays.The younger one Wi-chii is quite quiet one, and she didn't want to play with me as much as Jag-chii. I colored coloring book with Jag-chii and I wonder if she treadted me as aunt or as other kid? Se also said she loves me and hugged me twice . We also went to see my new cousin house. Its about 200 meters from my aunt house. I think I could go much more beacuse I wasn't tiried at all! :) The house is very retro and cousin want to change almost evrything about the house.

On Thursday we ( I and E-chan) wanted to go to forest, but whe had to dropped to gas station to refulel my therapist car, but she made a mistake and refueld petrol insead of oli, so we had to leave the car on the station, We planned to to McDonald that is nebraly, but on the middle of our road we saw service station and they agree to repair the car, they only take from us the half of price than they should, and even fueld car with oli. :) When we waited for the car we decited to go back to the station. When we went there we brought a tasty mint-lemon juice :) When we were back car wasn't ready yet, so we waited a little bit on service station office. When we want to E-chan rehab office I walked a bit without cruthes and it suprised me in positive way :) On the friday I and E-chan finally went to forest, raod was rocky and not very easy, I was scared but I didin't give up so I am proud on myself. On the way back we went for McDrive and brought shakers :) Choco flavor for me, strawberry flavor for her it was tasty :)

What about L-kun?I know it's egositic but I am already fed up with him. Universytety ddin't accept him and now he is depressed, he didin't wan to do rehab session even for himself, he saiid he was only a toy for Eli-chan ! That he wants to die, He now is on camp but he wants to back to home... The most hurtful things he said that I'm not close to him beacuse even when I listen to him I don't solve his problems so it dosen't count so I am nothing to him! I don't even reply to his texts anymore

Now I read book called „Bardzo biała wrona” It can be translate into „ Very white crow” its about two higschoolers, fristeyear a girl named Natalia and the boy from thrid year named Norbert. They are copule but he i toxic, She can't even have female friends or talk to anyone ! Her parents atopted a little boy so they missed that their daughter has a problem, her best friend Milena also has problem, beacuse her boyfriend falled for other girl, but he dosen't cheat and said to her girlfriend that he loves another girl but want to forget about that another girl... I wonder what it ends so I go download that book again.
So take care!

Jezus Maria
straszny angielski. kupa błędów i literówek. robisz jakieś postępy w ogóle?

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