2009-12-16 @ 20:45:41
Oh!... I forgot about link! ^^
this is my fauvorite polish carol ;D

Christmas! I love it!
2009-12-16 @ 20:21:28
Everybody love Christmas... I think :]
In my opinion during holidays time must be snow! I love snow but I haven't shoes for winter ^^ And I've got one problem. I don't know what I can buy for my friends from school.. hmm. Maybe you know. i'm happy because Christmas=The end school... for a few days, but it's very good information for me... realy ;) So "I wish you a Merry Christmas!"

...and a lot of presents ;P
My sisters wedding ;)
2009-12-16 @ 18:48:55
On last weekend my sister had wedding. It was for me very excited day because I read scripture i church. Correctly it was "Hymn of love". It's my the best part of all of weddings!
So, after the wedding was party! ...and of course a lot of food, and drinks. All night I danced. I was dressed my black, short dress, my favourite shoes and after my sneakers! ;D
It was very looooong day/night!
Last days school before Holidays...
2009-12-16 @ 18:48:14
It isn't good time for me. But it's first part of this school. I hope that the next time after Christmas will be better. Now I just must relax and got some positive energy...
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