secend day:D
2008-05-07 @ 23:50:20
hello everybody!!
Today I had a little lazy day :/ I know that it's not normal that young woman:P who looking for good fun and looking for meet nice people spend day in bed:P I'm not pride of this today was so nice weather sun was shining but I wasn't feel good. I'm still feel lonely I don't have anything to do and I'm boring all days I'm looking for a job but it's not easy.I didn't write you before about this but I was abroad some time I've just come back to Poland and I thought that if i have "international" experience I find some job but I don't find so sometimes I thing that I love my country I come back here cause I was missing for my family and my friends but I feel that I can't work here cause ....I don't know why:(((( And I have to come back to England. I don't want to do this but I need job. It's not mean that i don't have any proposition here in PL because I got some but In England I was working whit my degree so I want to do the same here but it's not easy like there was. so for that reason I wasn't feel good and spend all day in bed.
when I was in bed my friend called me and ask me if I don't mind to go whit her to pub. I told her that I'm sorry and I'm not going I don't have humor for fun:( So what do you thing about it ??? I thing that my feelings changing me. So how and where I find my guy if I spending all day in home;(?? (it's good that it was only one day not more hihihih) now it's ok I feel not so bed and I'm not tired so I can stay here and read yours blogs :)))

Don't worry. I'm often lazy ;)
:) Ok I'm often lazy too but I've still thought that it's not good:)
greetings everybody:):)

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