hello everybody:))
2008-05-06 @ 23:36:07
Hi :) My name is Sara I'm 21and I'm very happy than I can be here whit you:D:D I want to learn English as good as possible so i write to you. I will try to write my blog every day but we will see what hapend.
Today I had meeting whit my friends. we were laughing, talking I spend very good day but I missing for somebody... I have place in my life for somebody special but I haven't found him yet:( I am 21 and I need someone who will care me. I'm thinking about it all day so I star to write this blog and I hoping that it could be my way to stop thinking about love and romance from movie :P
I promise that i will write you about my cogitation about love and relationship between man and woman hihihihi Yes yes I know I'm only21 but I'm a student so I have a lot of time to thinking :P:P
Now I'm going to sleep so bye bye take care:*:*:*

hi Sara !!! nice to meet you
Hi. You live i poland?
sorry i maked litle mistake- i=in
Welcome and good luck! I'm sure that you'll improve your language and... find your true love ;)
Hi I'm very happy that you wrote me that comments and told my that little word like "hello" :):)
Mateusz- Yes I live in Poland why did you ask me about it?? I don't know mayby you want meet me hihihi it's joke:P
waht are u studying?
Hi Sara :)
I know you.. realy ;/
Many people is nice, but ... I lost the only one ;/ and now I know what is missing for somebody... ;/ someone.. The one for me that is all I need.
Aside from that.. I have exam tomorrow.. dread to think what been when I don't pass ;/

aaaaaaaaaaa......... ;/

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