2010-01-25 @ 12:49:53
tragedy! I lost me! and I do not like so much to lose! Today I was the worst! but with me, sucker! Today I was at the mall when we got tired of walking through the shops, we went to the bilards:P OMG! it was horrible! I thought that this game is not difficult! I was surprised! I could not hit the ball! It was ridiculous and pathetic! Fortunately, I can laugh at myself! LOL I HAVE TO LEARN TO PLAY BILLIARDS!
2010-01-24 @ 19:57:26
OMG! Today I spent a wonderful day! It was amazing! I am very tired and everything hurts me! (especially feet) but I'm happy! I always feel so when I come to the event because I love the event! everyone already knows that I love to dance! Today I was at a party in a fantastic company:) I danced to Latin music! This club had a cool name "chocolate" .......... something wonderful!

song of the evening!

2010-01-24 @ 19:45:06
Today I learned a lot of math because I have to improve the semester. I am very nervous this test. I hope that this test will be easy. I never had trouble with math! but recently this has changed! Now it is for me a nightmare! I am afraid of and angry!
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