2009-10-24 @ 12:44:47
hey everyone!
I have this one little problem! (hahaha and can someone help me <lol>) so ..... I don't know WHAT I HAVE TO BUY DADS THE BIRTHDAY!, and it soon ... exactly 5 November: P
I always have a problem with that!I never know what to give the boy a gift! and I have such bad luck that I live with 3 guys and at least 3 times a year I buy something for each! This is hopeless!
I was terribly upset! and I like to give gifts (especially to pack it) and I am afraid that a pile of something stupid
:/ Help!
HABIT -------> ^^
2009-10-11 @ 16:15:22
I would like to say something about my beloved, but an expensive habit, I am SHOPAHOLIC! I love clothes, shoes, bags, belts, scarves and sunglasses.I still spend the money on shopping! I do shopping on the Internet and go to Shopping Malls! This is stronger than me, but I love it! I like to look great and be nicely dressed like any other girl!
This habit is expensive, but it makes that feel better and safer each:PP My favorite stores are H&M, ZARA, BERSHKA, PULL&BEAR, Stradivarius, Adidas, Atmosphere and River Island.
2009-10-04 @ 19:49:46
oh my God! This is so exciting and amazing that you must this to see !
MY LOVE<3 DaNse' n MuSic!
2009-10-04 @ 18:54:42
I love music and dance! I always have the energy to dance and music makes that I feel amazing!I was dancing different styles: Street Jezz, Hip-Hop, MODERN and now DANCEHALL (my favorite style). Once I was in school cheerleaders (It was fun)I like dancing to black music, mainly R&B, but I like other types of music: HOUSE, DANCEHALL, SOUL.....
My favorite singer is Beyonce ---> Queen of R & B
I love her because she has a great voice and a remarkable person!!!
<lol> Who knows, maybe one day dance at school for my friends:)
Specifically for you the video full of sex and style!

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