Monday! </3
2010-02-28 @ 12:08:20
Tomorrow is Monday. I don't like Mondays! This is the worst day of the week! It all begins! I have to go to school again! fucking!: / (lol hahhaha)
: / And again I have to learn! massacre! I do not like this! Monday ---> 5:20 alarm clock rings and then I get up and move my heavy booty. Then I go take a shower, I look in the mirror and I can't believe that I'm so ugly! CRy CRy CRy! (lol) so ....?? I have a terrible face, so I have to do make up so that my face was different from the true!!! Then dress (I never don't know what dress) and run for the bus! go go go! hahaha I am always late! and in school I catch the poor assessment:/ and I come back to home to immerse myself in sorrow! ahhh, this depression on Monday!

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