I am so lazy
2007-01-21 @ 12:24:55
Today is sunday time to go church. Meybe god give me more power for me. I have a lot of things to do and I don't know haw begin.
Begin is always more havy for me then midlle.The end also bring troublle for me becouse I am very lazy pesron. If somebody read my blog mebe help me and give me any advice to overcome my lazy character.
My first blog in english
2007-01-21 @ 01:30:17
I think blog will give me pleasure and I will emprove my english.Today, I don't know haw I want start new day. Everything around me is boring.I havent' motivation to do something. I don't know haw long I will fell like this. I trying start thinking better but I cant do more. Meybe I am sick. The case is in my mind.
I never belive in myself. My mind teling to me :Evrybody more intligient, prettier, clever, succesfull then me.
So I am very upset. Meybe sombody give me drugs.
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