I don't know...
2006-08-18 @ 23:14:12
...why I'm doing that :) why I'm writing this Post :) It's crazy becouse I'm doing it by accident. I've read about this site in a computer newspaper and I've thought: " why not? If this experience can improve my knowlage about this beautiful language it's worth seeing" :)

in which newspaper did u read about this site ?????
I've started write in my blog the same reason. I asked myself too: Why not? Now, I write and write new posts...
"komputes świat" - sometimes there are useful things :)
I agree :) Good luck for improve your knowledge this language.I love this language also :) Hmm.."Komputer Świat"? I don't write it because I don't need it,hehe :) My knowledge of computers is...hmm...sufficient :D I know to send e-mails and read e-mails :D Hehe.I'm joking of course ;)
it is good reason for me, too. I don't thing my english is goog, but I decide to write and learn it this way.Wish me luck.
girl on the move
yeah then if u think that u can write in english really well then why dont u ? i mean hello u write like one post and u think that enough?? u have to keep ur reader intrested !!!!

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