So fantastic day in Big Apple
2008-05-02 @ 17:09:27
Well , today is was Porsche open days in Green Wool Street in NY . It was fantastic feeling and touched this pretty rides . Free ride is very boring because was long people in the cheers . New Porsche GT Carrera 2 is very large and expensive . It's cost 1,890,900 bucks . My friend was make free ride and he spoke "it's very selfish car " . Today my class was in the Wool Park , and They did know where be will next show . Comming is Dodge open days . I'll write some soon .
4th post
2008-04-30 @ 13:44:42
Well . now is going to next day i NY . I hope to soon on my new car . Pontiac 59 2008y. Which is very pretty black color and 15" wheels . I'll buying new car audio system and make explosion sub-bas in it . I don't will sell it in some future . I haven't garage from it , so I want buy onto my home , where be in April Barack Obama . It cost is 200$ plus 40$ security . I'll write some coming .
some last April's sentences
2008-04-29 @ 15:26:12
Welcome ! Today I was in my pretty town where was am I ? In Nowy Sacz . Yeah when I see this country , i fucking it . I hate poland and gavermant in this country . I want leave in abroad . Who's think how will leave in other country as poland , please writing in comment . In the last note you wrote very less comments . Please correct this post and you'll looking fro a mistakes , errors and null sentences . Sometimes you visit this blog .
Second note ......
2008-04-28 @ 19:36:09
Shall we try create a new portal ? if we don't write this , it'll failed . Comments my note . We didn't write anysome . We wrote null .
My first sentences
2008-04-28 @ 19:27:48
Hi . This's first note in my new only english blog . I did mind if create this blog . More note is comminf , please will be carreful .
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