Empik School?
2013-08-08 @ 17:19:43
I found something awesome! Webside www.EngVid.com. There are many so funny video with usefull advice how learn English, how to understand some grammar subjects. I love videos by James and Ronnie. They're really great especially Mr. E:)

I also have one problem. I thought about the English course at Empik School in my town but I'm really not sure, cause it cost so many... So what do you think about this idea? Have you any experience with this school?

Take the order in your wardrobe finally...
2013-06-29 @ 23:18:45
All day, hmm not all but the largest part of it, I spend making order in my wardrobe. I selected a few clothes that I didn't use at last year and tomorrow I will go to meet my friends and exchange this clothes, or just give them. Now my closet is closed, finally...:)

The following part of the course "1000 words" are completed. Also the next unit of my italian coursebook is finished. I'm satisfied. And sleepy. Goodnight.

Two languages in two months - is it possible?
2013-06-26 @ 23:36:15
Today I woke up so happy. I have holiday now so I can sleep long, and don't fear about nothing. So I got up of bed late, ate tasty breakfast.
After this I started learn italian at very nice webside www.busuu.com. There are a lot of exercises and you also can talk with people from other countries and learn together. It's very nice and helpful.
Two hours later I rested and now I learn english. I passed eight part of the course "1000 words".
As you noted I forgot mentioned, I have also another decision. In addition to improving my English, I want learn Italian. It's so beautiful and melodic language! I have only two months vacation but I believ that it's possible.
So: mi piace molto l'italiano e l'inglese! (I don't know is it corret form, but you know what I mean;D)

Ciao and good night!

First post - please help me!
2013-06-26 @ 01:23:46
I learn English for about nine years, but I don't speak very well. It's sad because it's stop my educational possibilities and my job career. So from today, I have a decision - learn English seriously! Practice grammar, learn a lot of new words, and the most important speak in English a lot.
I will write here about my day, my language progress, succeses and fears. If you help and support me, it will be very important for me:)
See you!
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