hello all 'it's years since i've heard last for you...'
2009-12-07 @ 12:03:41
what's up? I'm fine, but i'm a little bored of my school ;/ wrrr this is the last year and i can't stand it... i don't wanna go there... how R U ? kisses
i'm in england
2009-07-11 @ 01:15:52
i'm here from 15th june. i'm happy, i'm working...but i fell in love god damn it ! i hate it ! fuck fuck fuck ! don cha think i'm weak and stupid, but...i'm still looking for love...i know that probably there is no love in this world ... but i believe and i know someday i'll find it. now i really like one english boy. but probably he has got a girl ... but i take a shit on it! maybe if i'll try i can reach him... hope i will! i don't know what i'm suppose to do... it's fucking bad. fuck fuck fuck that's all i can say now...;/
Wisla is 12 time a CHAMPION! :))
2009-05-31 @ 13:01:33
Hi Ya!
I'm very happy, my favourite club in the world Wisła Kraków won an orange ekstraklasa yesterday ! I was on 'feta' heh! And it was very special ! I love Wisła ! ;*
I love football at all. I like Liverpool Fc too :-)
Hmm... I 've just known, that my life isn't without sense. I live for football, friends, family and for my own happiness :-:-:-:-) I have understood a lot things.
On a 15th June I'm going to England ! Yeah ! I'm very happy ! I'm gonna work there ;) it will be my 6 time in England. I love it ;)))

tell me sth how about You ppl? ;)
still lonely and still waiting...but still happy:)
2009-05-20 @ 08:53:30
You know what? I need to tell You something. I have never had a real boyfriend...I've had some boys, but that was so childish...and that was a long time ago, last was last year ;]. And now I'm thinking if is the real love in this world? and am i gonna find it? hmm...of what i see i can say that there is no love in this world. Man want only sex and georgeous woman...and money ehh:) but, who doesn't want to have many?:P I think boys aren't able to love...
now I have a hard and black cloud in my head:( my best friend meets a boy that has got a really fine friends. But she is very special and nice and really beautiful and everyone says it to her at every moment. And i think they don't like me , because i am usual. But i really liked one boy from this group. He isn't much handsome, but he's got something what I like:-) but there is a one problem... he doesn't like me... I see it. And it might seems so easy and childish, but i haven't felt something like this for a long time. What to do to make him closer to me? ;( ehh don't tell me leave it, shit happens. Because I've known it for all my life and now i want to change it all! I'm not as cruel as everyone thinks! Maybe i'm not pretty, but I'm fine and clever and I'm interested in a lot of things :-) ehhh life doesn't like me...
2009-03-19 @ 19:50:21
oh my Gosh how long I have not been here... Ehh, You know, I'm so busy person ;)... I think I just grew up. And I'm really thankful that at least it happened! I'm nineteen ! oh not yet but some months to be nineteen:) Guess what I think I'm changed person thanks to England. My journeys to this country always have been full of joy and really exciting. I want to live there, when I left school of course. Maybe some years, maybe not temporairly...maybe forever heeeh!:) I think i can find myself always when I'm there. Nothing what isn't english interests me;]. Yeah that's a fact! I think i can lead my fate so i can decide to be who and where i want to be. I'm not saying that i don't wanna be polish. I am and I'm gonna be!But life seems to be better in that country than here. I have everything there, a family and a free sould. I can be there just who i am. hope ya understand. ehh ... so i must stop thinking and stop writing...hehehe kisses for y'all!:*

...heeey you know i got a good idea;) I'm a dreamer and i like to write ,,, so i want to write a book:) and i think if is it a good idea? maybe any of you can help me? look...isn't it good when people want to write what they imagine? ;)
what a pity...
2009-01-16 @ 15:17:56
hi y'all. i was in england from 27.12 - 06.01. and i still can't stop cryin... i love this land... poland don't make me feel just like i feel in england... ehhh... help me out ! ;/
2008-12-05 @ 09:25:31
hello ! how R U ? I'm fine...hmmm no i'm not fine, because I am sick now. For 3 weeks ! You know what does it mean ? I'm not going to school now. :P it makes ma happy, but it makes ma sad too, cuz I will have arrears ;/ . hehe... I am sad too, because it's the end of polish leauge: ekstraklasa. I have to wait on march to watch this leauge again :(. wrrr :( I love football. It's my passion for life ;] What can i do during this time that i won't be watching ? ;/ please help me :P
Past is behind me !!
2008-11-16 @ 13:12:30
Hi ! I think i did what i had to did. I left my past behind me. And now it's ok. But 2 days ago my friendtold me somethnig bad. And I'm still thinking about it, but I know it'll all get better in time ! Now I'm happy. And i will never let somebody bring me down. :):) I am happy person and I am optmistic :D:D
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