„If I worried about what stupid people think, I wouldn't have time for what intelligent people think.”
2011-05-22 @ 13:07:11
Yes, they are great. Our mountains. But with every next peak I have to remember they are becoming more and more irritating and annoying for me. Why, the hell, do I have to learn this!? Well, sorry. I had to do this.

And now, from the very other side: the thought, the topic of this note. I didn't put it here without a reason. It comes from "Oscar and the Lady in Pink", book written by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt.
Why about this?
Oscar - small terminally ill boy, meets in hospital an old Lady. She take care of him and give him an advice - everyday he should write a letter to God, describing his day and thoughts. But it wouldn't be an ordinary letter - Oscar will live every day like it is ten years.
This book really moved me. Real masterpiece.

Now I'm redading abother his book - "Dreamer from Ostenda". Also a great one :)

My dinner is waitning, so I have to go.
Last days (apart form the rain), the weather is getting more and more summer-like, isn't it? ;)

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