Christmas and... false friend?
2009-12-22 @ 21:06:54
Christmas are coming, so I wish you all the best :) Merry Christmas everyone :)

Today In my school we had class Christmas Eve. We had a draw and everyone had to make a gift to somebody. I bought a book to a boy, who I pulled.

There's a girl in my class, which I don't like. Year ago we were friends, I helped her many times in homeworks, we were meeting etc. but than (I don't know why) she told me many ugly things and read my SMS-s (without my permission evidently!) and told all to girls from my class. Since that, we were ignoring ourselves. But today we have Christmas and I decided to not be angry and when we were submitting requests for wafer I went to her adg tolg her the wishes. And she was nice! And than she hug me, like a normal friend not person who told me that I'm the ugliest person in our class. I don't wanted to change my opinion about her but I don't know what should I think about it.

So long note... so it's time to end, again Mmerry, Happy Christmas!!!
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