"I'm sailing, stormy waters, to be with you, to be free..."
2011-08-22 @ 21:59:02
I've been wondering what's the magic of sailing. Why do I love it so much. And I finally got the answer: it doesn't matter if it's wet, cold and dirty or hot, sultry and everything smells of putrefaction - as long as you have nice people around you, that is the paradise!

I want back those magical evenings when we were all gathered around our friend who played guitar and singing. Sunny days when we took the matresses outside and were sunbathing the whole day. Rainy days with high waves. Beautiful nights and watching sky at night. And those terrible mornings when you wake up and relize that the only shower is located in the closest village - three hours of walking - today you will wash the dishes and your last clean cloth became dirty yesterday after you jumped in it into the sea.

I want it back so much :)

Now a new experience is waitning for me - high school! Lueka, we're in the same situation. After beginning of the school year tell me how it was :)

Take care! :)

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