"...the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind..."
2011-08-19 @ 17:57:12
I want back on the sea! ;)

One month on cruises - first Mazury and week ago I came back from Baltic Sea - well, honestly Zatoka Gdańska and Zalew Wiślany, not a sea yet but very close to it ;)
This time the crew was very nice. We had a lot of experiences toghether but it makes us closer to each other.

I remember a moment, on Zalew Wiślany, when fog appears and completely covered the shore. I've felt like on real sea. And as if this were not enough it was a cold, rainy day. I was sitting outside alone with my friend, he steered and I navigated us with GPS and maps.
That's the essence of sailing - gale, downpour and no shore in sight but now, sitting in dry, warm house I miss it... weird, isn't it?

Now, all I have to do is wait for the schoolyear. I met my friends, ride my bike, read books and wrote some stories. Who knows how this year, my first in high school is gonna be?


Akijorka, I agree with You. Sometimes I do it, stuck on some moments, think only about them for a long time and miss the whole days... I know, I shouldn't - every day is worth being remembered.
Thank You, Leafek I wish You the same. You're from Gdańsk - maybe I've went by you while being there (I've been on St. Dominic's Fair, that was an unforgettable experience. So many different people and Gdańsk, especially the tenements were beautiful). Wave to the sea from me and say I miss it!
You're right, Lueka, some moments I'll never forget :)

Take care.
It's not the end of summer holidays - we still have ten days! Do not waste them :)


Well, I actually have almost whole September off. And then, yeeeeaah, university adventure will begin. :)
There's nothing weird about missing being somewhere else, in a places where we feel happy. In your case, it means that you do, really love sailing. Don't forget your passion and keep developing and discovering new ones, it's important to invest in ourselves through all our lives. Now, when I realised my words, I hope that my future will turn out just like I imagine it would.
Take care and thanks for your comments. :)
Enjoy the rest of your holiday!
Yeah, the ten days, always a constalation. Ten days is always more time than two days. :) I also don't see anything weird that You miss to these moments. It is absolutly normal that You miss for moments where You were experiencing something realy exciting.
Oh I see that we are at the same situation: for some day we will start a first year in high school. I a bit excited of this.

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