"Paradise lost"
2011-05-30 @ 18:20:19
Over a year of looking for one book and asking for it in every bookstore I could find. And finally - found! "Paradise lost" is lying next to me. I suppose that this night will be sleepless :)

http://thetvchick.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/GLEE-New-York-2-653x376.jpgThis weekend I have finished the second season of "Glee". I promise thar some day I'm gonna describe and review it, now I will tell You only that it is really good. First serie, I've seen, which isn't about the cool guys who rule the school. "Glee" tells about things impotrant for all of us and (what a suprise!) isn't naive. It is exagerrated but that's exactly what it supposed to be. If you sit in front of the screen and agree for playing on their rules You will have a lot of fun :)

And of course the incedrible music!

Chris Colfer (playing Kurt) - "Blackbird" (orginally The Beatles but isn't this version better than orginal one?)

I'm looking for volunteering for holidays. I want to do something good for the world!
Take care!

I've tried watching 'Glee' but after 3 episodes I stopped. ;) Maybe I'll try watching it again... someday.
It's good to organise your free time, to do something useful.
The beatles! I'm going to listen to all of their albums.
Write ya!

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