No day but today
2011-05-16 @ 19:19:47
You know ehat I had found? Book crossing! Last time I was with my friend on coffee, we discovered a new cafe, where insisde was a shelf (well, rather a bookcase) filled with books - new, old, various ones. Tke coffee was great and all I remembered from the instruction on the bookcase was name of the website - I checked and... cool thing. I'm not gonna explain what it is all about, everyone can lokk on his own. Al I'm gonna say is thar for me, staunch reader it is like piece of heaven :)

We're not gonna do the musical. I'm upset, but I won't give up. Anyhow I will sing something on the end of the schoolyear - well, I wouldn't be the same but... if you don't have what you would like to, you should like what you have.

I'm listening to this beautiful song... I imagine ang relax. Nice, calm.


To all readers: I'm very sorry for all the mistakes (like the "lokk" or "ehat"), I was writing it fast and after posting I noticed the mistakes, and there seems to be an error while trying to edit the note.
I apologize to all of you!
I love Your blog. Your posts are perfect! You are very good person, I'm sure. Regards ;*
Well, maybe someday, you'll take part in a musical, just don't forget it and don't give up, never give up.
There is a place in Cracow, that I love. Coffeeheaven. You can get there the best coffe. Seriously. And it has been designed with such a taste. It's worth to drink a coffe there, definitely.

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