One week and.. school... ;)
2010-08-23 @ 13:03:06
Yes, school, but only some time, and than... again holiday! Just 10 months... "Just a little patience!" ;)

So now i'm sitting at home and relaxing before next meeting with my lovely teachers and friends. I miss them so much (friends, not teachers ;D) Yesterday with my parents and brother we've made a bike trip, the weather is nice and it was really fine.

I cannot believe that the time is running so fast and next week I have go to school. The whole year I was waitning for the holiday and now... they finish.

But I hope that You feel the same. So I wish You happy rest of holidays! Bye ;)

PS. And evidently video - now that's Pink Floyd "High Hopes". Great music, great text, great video. Excellent - and nothing more to say :)


You are right the holidays are ending but hopefully not for everyone:).... I'm waiting for october when I have to come back to my university.
Yes,we have only few days for rest:( ...but that's right...only 10 months and we 've got again holiday!!:):)..
Heh friends T.T
I got 3 friends but when a whole school is trolling you, you feel like you're alone.
But people are changing... I'm right? T.T

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