Sailor camp!
2010-08-19 @ 21:59:03
I can't believe, that i have left this blog for such long time. I'm very sorry. Now I promise to remember it in future :)

Week ago i came bact home from sailor camp - it was really great. We were sleeping on yachts, alone preparing food (you'll eat what you'll cook for yourself), and sailing, sailing almost all the time. My crew was of 6 people (including me), and it was big test of characters - being toghether 24 hours a day. But we passed and i'm very glad. There's nothing better than wind in your hair, holding a stere and you know that the boat is in your power ;) Last year I've pass an exam to be a sailor, my friend has made it recently and next year we want to go to the sea - our Polish, Baltic sea!

Maybe someone of you have also try sailing - share your experience! :)

And at the end - one of the best songs I've ever heard - "Patience" - Guns N Roses!

I never sailing and I don'thave experience from this kind spend free time:D So You 've got great holiday ,I am jealous because my holiday was owfull:D! But I wreally glad because your holiday was more interest than my :) I wreally sorry from my bad English ,but this is my first step whith structure opinion in this manner. Oh I almost forgot ...I'm new there and I wan't say "hello" to you :D So ..."hello":)
OK that's enough :) Bye^^:)

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