Guitar and me :)
2009-12-03 @ 20:14:10
I have been playing acoustic guitar for maybe three weeks and I think it's fantastic! Now I can play only a few chords and "wlazł kotek na płotek" but it doasn't matter :)I'm practicing everyday and I hope, after some time I would play like Jimi Hendrix :P
If love for first sight exist, then there also is love for first... hmmm... listening? Example: "Knocking to heaven's door" Guns N' roses - I felt in love when I first listen to that :) Really!


I'm learning guitar playing too :) It's a pity, that many people don't know how beautyful guitar can sound. About love for first listening, i felt in love when I first listen to "Stairway to heaven" ;)
Great song :)
Yes, it's very hard. I was trying too :)
I sing many different songs. Last lesson i was singing carols and Schuberts song. Of course at home i sing songs, which i'm listening willingly:)

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