My first escape from police on my life
2008-05-08 @ 21:23:11
Remember, all what are you'll read on this post is true.

Ok, now I tell you my crazy story...

Today I and my friends(Sebastian, Paweł, Tomek) go to Janek's roof. Janek's my good classmate. Maybe you're interested why we went to roof? Well I and my friends went to roof and made paper air's. After we threw air's to playmate. It's idiot and some lady screamed for us ;] We were very scare. She phoned to police. We escaped from roof to Janek's home. I and Paweł first left from Janek and we went to next place and we saw protection's man. Wojciech and Tomek were in administration's room, beacuse they caught by protection's men. They had happiness and we go to us. This story is shorten, beacuse now i very tired and i don't want write more.

Bye,bye and please check my post

oK I checked you post and I thing I thing ...I don't know what i should thing about it hihihihi it's good story but not to good English:/ sorry for that I wrote it to you to tell you that you should learn more grammar but my English is not good to so we can learn together whit another guys from that site:) good luck and take care:):) your fan :P sarah1
hmm.. I don't want picck on you.. but..
robertk92 - the first sentence is written in some indeterminate grammatical construction.. why did you put "are" there?
sarah1 - you can thinK, not thinG ( thing = stuff, matter )

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