childhood . : )
2011-02-24 @ 20:33:17
It's a very, very nice age. I'd loved to be a child. You weren't sceard to say something to the boy that you realy like. You haven't got a lot of homework, so you had a free time. You can always get out, and have some fan outside. Everybody said that you're small, so you can do this and this.
I want to be a child again. I don't want to get older then 16. Why ? Hm, i don't know. I like my age [ 15 ] so why, i should be older ?
" Gone "
2011-02-23 @ 21:29:22
" Gone " , it's the name of a book , witch i'd love to read. Why ? Hm, i don't know, but she is realy good for me. I like books, with bad and good guys, magic, sicret etc. etc . You know , what i mean. If anybody read it, what do you think about this? Some of my friends, read it, but they sad that this is not book for them. I don't think so.
There are six part of this book : Gone , Hunger , Lies , Plague , Fear , Light.
You can find it in Empik, and every good bookshop. You can read more on :

I realy hope , that you will read it some day.

Weekand with Harry Potter .
2011-02-19 @ 10:57:48
Hi guys. The weekand has already started. I'm so sad becous the first time i have to say
" oh no , weekand ". I have a lot of homework, tests to learn and project to do. And for this, i have just two days. Yaeh, so great. I am realy realy happy of that. But I still want to meet my friends, becous i can't just learning at weekand.
Okey, so let's go to something more intresting - you know, i hope so.

" Potter Puppet Pals " it's a very famouse short movie on youtube and hole internet. They have a lot of videos, but for me the best is " The mystery ticking noice ". I found it maby one year ago. And now I love watching this. I know this song as good as them, so I am singing when i listin this. I give you this video, to show that this is realy great.

Jeff Dunham
2011-02-17 @ 22:00:04
Do you know him? If no, you have to watch him on youtube. Hi is so amazing ventriloquist. I like his solo show, or with ahmed and peanut. I love to watch this with my friend. We can watch this all the time, and this is never bored . Realy . She show me this one year ago, and now I know his show very well so i want to show him more people. I think he is famouse, but you know ... not everybody have to know him .
SILENT ! I KILL YOU ! - Ahmed .
I gave you here one of him show, but you can watch more on youtube : " Jeff Dunham " . : D

ventriloquist - brzuchomówca
ONO < 33
2011-02-16 @ 20:44:27
ONO - are an English rock band from Helmsley, North Yorkshire names " One night only " . The group was formed in summer 2003. The team entered Mark
"Mittens" Hayton, Daniel "Pob" Parkin, Sam "Gunner" Ford and Kai Smith.
The band had no singer, until they were joined by George
Craig, a friend of Ford's brother. He was asked to became the vocalist, but
George also wanted to play the guitar. Later Smith left the band. Their
career not only began by playing The Beatles songs - the
start playing songs of bands like Blink-182, New Found Glory and
The Beatles, but also their own compositions.The band's name, One Night Only, was the question when to play a concert. They had then no name yet so it occurred to One Night Only, which literally meant for only one night, but the name is longer. Their first concert on December 12, 2003 in Kirkbymoorside Memorial Hall, which was very popular. In 2005, the band added keyboardist Jack Fish Sails. The band appeared on The Friday Night Project performing songs for their third single It's About Time. George Craig appeared on Hollyoaks performing an acoustic version of the same song.
I like this band so much, but the best songs for me are : " It's about time " , " Say you don't want it " feat . Emma Waston. I found them, when i was searching movies with Emma. They don't have a lot of fans, but for me they are realy good.
you can read more at :

Ladies and Gentelmen .
2011-02-15 @ 19:40:51
First, I wanted to say hello and introduce me. I am Veronica, and I intend to lead the English blog. I like this language, so i use it in casuell life. Hm, what about my hobby's? I love dancing, singing, acting. I am the fan of The Vampire Diaries, particularly Damon. I like Disney's movies and program too , becous i watch this with my sister, so she makes me to like it. I am so positive. You don't belive? Ask my friends. I' m not perfect in english, but i'm going to write something everytime i can. I 'll write about everything : movies, fashion, books, events of my life and many other things. Do you enjoy it? Um, i hope that you do. I greet you warmly, and I hope that you will be happy to visit my blog.
- author : )
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