Chance !
2010-04-13 @ 20:31:48
Hi everybody
it's me again !
In the life we must make decisions . I stood before a very important choice .
My dad and mum live in England and they want that I go to them . I didn't know whether go to them whether stay in Poland ;.?
But on the last winter holidays I was in England and a lot of people told me that this is a good choice to stay in England .. and learn here because here is a better life . Eh finally I decided to go to England . Now I'm in Poland, but when school ends I'm going to fly there . And I will learn and live there .:)
This didn't was easy decision . when I said this to my friends they will unhappy and sad . Eh I hope this is a good choice .
this is my life decision .
What would you have done in my place .? Did you have similar decision >>?

*If you read my blog, please correct my all mistakes in posts. Thanks

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