I'm back!
2013-12-07 @ 20:10:40
" If one day the speed kills me, don't cry because I was smiling." - R.I.P Paul Walker

That's sad :(:( Want to cry!
I didn't forget.
I don't forget. I remeber.
I won't forget. I will remember.

Lazy weekend:) Loooveit.
Next week exams.. it's so creepy :(

Song.. for example..

Children of the Sun
Nice day.
2013-05-23 @ 18:00:29
If you don't have a choice, you'll need to survive

What I done? Not much. At the beginning I'll tell about tour. Direction tour: Toruń.
Good city. I met guy. He is from New York. For ignorant people.. This is in the USA.
I told with him! in english! so cuteeeeee.
He said me that I have a pretty eyes.. Nice joke, but he was very nice person. I like him!
Nevermind that I don't know him :P Tour was very interesting for me. Now I am going to play Lol :3 or I'll watch a film entitled "Arena". What's better? I love Lol. That's funny. ;-)
All right, I am going.

Małpa. Why Małpa? Because he is from Toruń. He was on Juwenalia, too. I love him :***

Time to say goodbye.
So.. goodbye :*
That would be great.
2013-05-16 @ 21:34:52
I'm fine. It's okay. I have soo many plans! so many ideas! The weather is great. I have waited for it since 22 December!
Exams? No, no and no. Bad. First day good, second day creepy! Fortunately, trials. I'm going to learn. However, I am satisfied with the e-mail. Only ;P I think so. Maybe will be better?
I am waiting : )


Your smile is creepy ;*
2013-05-14 @ 17:54:34
If I lose myself tonight, It'll be you and I.
I'm fine.
Tomorrow exam tests. Wednesday; polish; history & social science. Thursday; english. I will do everything, but this is only trials.

what I'm listening ;o
no matter darling.
see ya kitten
Don't gave up.
2013-05-11 @ 21:53:29
You pick me up when I fall down. ♥
I love you so I'll leave you alone.
This isn't easy when a heart breaks.
Friendship is beautiful <3 I love my friends.
Dance, dance if you can <3
from the beginning..
Hello everyone. I'm so tired, but this is nothing.
`In word "God" missing one 'o' because I belive in Good. `
If you are here and you are reading my blog now, this is progress for me, thank you :)

In the end, traditionally song:
Start: 2:33


Politics is stupid.
Kill or be killed?
2013-05-08 @ 17:49:04
Too very, how very?

What's the better? I think, be killed is better.
And ya? This day is awesome, seriously. Of course, without exaggeration, because I've had better. Whateeever. In my school are two people; from Serbia and Germany. They told with us on the lesson. Ofc, in english. I put a question her. This is awesome ;p And.. I want a weekend <3 Yesterday, my cousine been with me. I love her . Now I am going with my friend for a walk. See ya, guys! ; ) In the end, music. Species: hip-hop, because it's my life <3

Please, comment this blog :c
You can tell me what is wrong written.
No matter darling ..
2013-05-06 @ 21:09:26
I hate this.. always something. I must fix it.. I'm so sorry. Whatever. I spent this day with my friends. I'm too lazy to do homework. Now I'm bored :P I'm listening music. That's a shame.

♥♥♥ I love this song ! ♥♥♥

hi everyone
2013-05-06 @ 00:02:33
For a start ..

I'm Monika and I've got 15. I'm from Bydgoszcz and I'd like learn English very well. I hope, this blog help me. I am going to 2 high school. I like The Vampire Diaries ;d. I can a lot of english, but too little for me.
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