2008-05-05 @ 22:23:34
I pased my FCE exam!!!! I'm so happy, now I will have my certificate and this ( I hope) will help me in my future life:):):) My parents are proud and I am so proud:) It is my great success:)
the song
2008-04-21 @ 23:34:15
The Kooks

I love this song. It is so happy and I have always good mood when I listen it!!! It is realy nice.
Independence?is this a drawback?
2008-04-08 @ 13:25:44
I was taught to do everything by myself. My parents and my sister taught me this. They didn't tell me so but they made me to do everything by myself. Sometimes I can't count on my mother, because sometimes when I ask her to do sth, she don't do this. But when my sister ask her to do sth she always do it.
I think I'm jealous... but my family don't know how I feel in that kind of situation.
Because of that kind of situation I prefer doing things on my own and no wonder that I tried to be and sometimes I am independent...
:) finally I did something with myself:)
2008-04-01 @ 22:00:49
Finally I go jogging:) First I was embarrassed but then I started to think that I don't have to, because I do it for myself, to improve my stamina and my fitness. And the main thing is that I do it for my backbone, because it hurt very bad!!! Of course, you are always dependend on the weather, but if it's rain I say at home and do simple exercises.
It is the cheapest way to relax and to fight with my backbone ache.
what a day:)red face:)
2008-03-28 @ 23:05:54
Today I went red 3 times. First, when I was sitting at school and during very boring lecture I was thinking about some embarrasing thingsthat I've done in my life and very intimacy things:)
Second was when one of my lecturers talk about me, that I do my vebside very good.
And the last time it was when my friend was angry at me and he talk to me in angry way.

So today you can call me red face:):):)
But I am proud of myself:):):)
Kate Nash
2008-03-23 @ 20:22:28
... birds can fly so high
or they can shit on your head
they can almost fly into your eye
and make you feel so scared,
but when you look at them
and you see that there beautiful thats how I feel about you...

This is a sentence from very beautiful song Kate Nash "Birds".
2008-03-23 @ 11:26:50
I know that Easter is the most important holiday in the whole year, but I prefer Christmas. In Christmas my whole family gather in my flat and then it is real family atmosphere. During Easter there will be only my grandparents and my parents. My sister wont't come. I don't feel very happy. I think about my life and about who I am for my friends and my family. Yesterday my friend told me that he treats people like he wants that people treat him. I don't know if you understand me. I mean if you want to people treat you good, you should treat them good. And I would like to do the same as my friend do. It is good and makes you happy!!!

Happy Easter!!!
why I do not understand men?
2008-03-20 @ 08:49:46
Yesterday my boyfriend was very annoying. He always do the same... I always have to help him in school stuff. Sometimes I am his secretary:/ Don't get me wrong. I don't mind helping him, I like this, but not on the day before his test or before his dead line. It is really stressful for me, bacause I am really nervous that he won't do sth on time...
And yesterday it was that kind of situation. I tried to talk with him about this, but he said: 'I don't know why you are so mad? Don't botter this. And don't shout!'

And I always have that kind of situations. grrrr.... And I always tell him that I won't help him in this situation. If he wants help, he should told me about this few days before...

What do you think? How can I change him? I'm afraid I won't change this:/
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