I don't know what can i buy?!!
2009-12-14 @ 19:31:24
I have very big problem. I don't know what can i buy for my family. I have already been in shops but i didn't choose ANYTHING!:(
Everything is so simple and commonplace.
I suppose that i should again go to shopping center and search some gifts. So bye bye...
2009-12-14 @ 19:23:21
Despite that snow has gone i can feel christmas.
Everywhere are lights and decors so i can't wait for holydays.
At school left one week to end of occupances and lessons.
In next monday my class is going to cinema.
Besides this in tuesday we will have had eve on the classes.
That is all from me so bye bye.
2009-12-14 @ 19:09:05
At the last friday was very interesting fight between Mariusz Pudzianowski and Marcin Najman.
Fight started on 12pm.
Most of people thought that Pudzianowski win.
They were right. Pudzian destroyed Najman in 44 seconds.

This is link to movie.

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