2009-10-18 @ 15:07:40
Hi again.

At this saturday my friends and me went to PGA (Poznań Game Arena). We watched games presentations and of course we played on new games too. We had a great fun. Unfortunetelly there were many people so we couldn't see everything becouse everywhere ware queues. Besides we met few acquaintances. This was very nice day.
Bye bye.
2009-10-11 @ 13:47:08
Hi again.

Today is very hard day for me becouse i am fealing unwell. Yesterday i was at a pool and i swam a lot. After pool when i went to home i got cold. Now i stay in bed becouse i have fever. My sister and my mom bring me hot tea take care of me.
I must finish now.
Bye bye.
2009-10-03 @ 13:59:16

Today is very important day for my parents. Today is nineteen anniversary of their wedding. My sister and me want to give them some special gift. We wanted to invite them to restaurant or theater but we don't know yet. I must finish this note becouse i must think what to do for my parents. So take care and wish me lucky.
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