Something about my pl blogs.
2009-04-11 @ 22:09:01
I have got a lot of polish-language blogs.
And... voila: - this is a 'blog newspaper'. I am working for this 'website'. Also I want to invite you here: - Code Lyoko is my favorite animated film so I write a story about it. I hope you like it.
[And happy Easter! I hope you have nice breakfast ;D. P S - do not eat too much eggs! - you can have a stomach-ache. ^_^]
Just weather... Oh no!
2009-04-11 @ 18:08:39
When i look at the blogs, i feel so depressed. I can see notes just about WEATHER! ^_^ [but it's true. It's a beautiful weather. ^^]
I want to write about something more important, like, for example, linguistics. I want to learn french and spanish, and german.
I think I don't need another languages... But a linguistics is my passion. I want to know a lot of languages...
And I found very nice websites - , , , , - these are the best websites in all Internet! xD.
These pages are available just in polish, and, of course, these languages [but the translates - for example translates of tenses are JUST in polish].
I use just [but now i don't need], , and I'll start using when I will be in 2nd class of junior high.
All right, I've written so long note ;D.
I didn't want to bore you :P
I hope you weren't ;).
And there's something another:
If you:
A) are Polish/know polish
enter here:
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