New login...
2008-04-12 @ 16:02:40
I have got a new name: beatka

I invite you on my new fantastic blog :)
It is better!
New Zealand xD
2008-04-09 @ 14:12:41
Latterly I had a project on English lesson about New Zealand and then I to become fond this country!

This is a wonderful, mistery and beautiful country :D

Look at this film, this is a part of these wonders xP (4:22)

Film about NEW ZEALAND click on

In My Opinion this is a paradise in the world,14,1.jpg
happy :D
2008-04-08 @ 11:41:11
Today I have got a nice day ;P I want to show you as I am happy :D

And I have given some pictures for you :)
muuaa for everyone :*:*
yo! ...::Yahooo!!::... :) pzdr ;P
2008-04-07 @ 16:25:54
The day after tomorrow is disco in my school;]
I look forward to it :) but...I haven't got any nice clothes ;( I want to dance! I like dancing...yymmmm
All girls with my class are going to go on this disco and they haven't got any problems...but I... :(

...:::THE END:::... See You Soon :P
(dedication for my best friend Natalie and Amadiii I love you both :**)
beginner ;p
2008-04-07 @ 16:00:36
This is my first note :P I can't speak English very well and I have problems :(

On Friday I will have a competition! keep thumbs :P
The competition is on (at,in???)the third lesson --> on germany ;) I hate germany lesson :]
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