2012-11-02 @ 18:12:45
Lonely path in the mountains - just not well-trodden,
invites input on your trail.
So I go in, pave it more,
I put the the world map
the globe engrave deep furrow
you hit the trail - marked a thousand steps.
At the end it will be like a sign - still.
World torn by the wind, spits scorn.
Like I will not be bothered,
I'll wait until winter, until the snow will cover a footprint
and everything will happen again virgin.
The balance will find you -
this time - your footprint.
2012-11-02 @ 18:09:07
We are lovers of reciprocity,
the sensitivity of the intertwined bodies.
Our senses are spinning in ecstasy and ecstasy podniebnym mutual experiences.
The pain set apologize caresses each other's lips.
Secrets hidden from others for us are an open book,
from which we learn each other, themselves.
What is shameful for others, for us to love his name,
and sin, it is not.
Because it is beautiful for God is not evil. Pure light only ...
2012-11-02 @ 18:06:19
Love is only the second of waiting for eternal togetherness.
Second of human existence, in seeing the passing of such a beautiful,
you do not have anything to fear.
Because I love destroys fear, because you do not develop wings
which lift us above all else, beyond the pain and death.
There is hope for a better tomorrow and what will be after him.
In it truly meet and just going for it.
In the hope and trust that we will not disappoint.
It's her I'm waiting and I want to live for her.
2012-11-02 @ 17:57:57
There is a place hidden deep under the eyelids,
short sleep time so real, you do not want to get up.
Land tears of God - which warms the world,
tears of love washes over people
and as it enters the last.
The real savior - tested by time
crying eternal souls saved.

This is not a sob cry
the hopelessness of existence,
a cleansing bath of true love,
mutual redemption.
I write because I was there - a short sleep for a while -
which does not want to get up ...
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