Description of photo nr. 1.
2012-03-30 @ 23:50:07
In this photo you could see the beautiful tiger. He is orange with black stripes. This tiger drinking water from the lake. Or something like a lake. Around him is green grass. Maybe he is tired after hunting. Probably caught the big gazelle and eat it! The tigers like hunting and eats fresh meats.
2011-12-08 @ 14:22:42
Hi. I don't know what to do... My friend told me that in love with me... But, I don't know what I feel. This is confusing ;( My English is too bad for describe the wole situation. But, believe me, this is horrible, I don't know what I should to do... ;(
2011-12-01 @ 13:06:32
Hi ;)

I feel better ^^ Maybe not really good, but I feel better ;) I'm very happy for this.
In the recent time I thinking about the building cage for my small friends - I have 3 rats ;) Cage is always too small ;( So I must independently build cage :p
Recently I read a book "filozof i wilk". This is very cool book ^^ But sometimes it is very sad ;(

Btw. agrh, sometimes I don't have anything to write about in this blog. This is horrible. Not enought that I make very very mistakes that still this blog is very boring xD I admit. But I can't help it.... ;(
2011-11-27 @ 23:00:54
I must to write as much as possible so I write this: I suspect that going to be a storm. The wind rages outside the window and... I'm afraid of the storm. I know that I behave as small children but I'm realy scared xD I better go to bed. Bye.
2011-11-27 @ 22:10:31
Hi everyone ;)

I'm new here and my English is very very bad but I try write something in this blog.

Firstly, I say something about me. Hmmm, so... I'm Pauline and I'm 20 years old. My passion is animals. I really love it! In my soul plays rock music.

Today I feel sick. I have a flu. Or something like a flu. Anyway I feel very bad. My head is hurt, my throat is hurt... Bad, bad, bad. And... I don't know what I can to write, so... Goodbye!

See you later ^_^
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