11.09.2007 - Few sentences of my live
2007-09-11 @ 16:19:49
I was born in 1980 in Sierpc. I was very little boy, because I was born too early. I should born about one month later, but I was very curious about whole world!!:):) When I was born I was 53 cm long and I weighted 2700 grams. My parents wanted to give me on first name: Radosław. Then, They decided to give me Przemek on first name. When I was enquire after this idea, I was very happy. Name Radosław was very awfful and I will be unhappy with this first name. Oh Yes, that was beginning me childhood....
My first day in new blog page!!
2007-09-11 @ 15:54:18
Welcome everyone in my blog. I decided to open this page for trening my english. If someone observed any mistake, please tell me. I will gratefull for help.
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