2007-05-18 @ 18:31:01
Hello everyone!!! What do u do at weekends? I like weekend but I prefer school :) I like school. Today my Polish friends had got an accident and I had to go with her to pupil reception and explain all. Nobady like her. I hate her. She is very stupid. Her name is Angelika.

But never mind, now I can use my computer earlier :D
2007-05-13 @ 15:41:42
Hello everyone!!!!!

I was in a Polish church. BUT WEATHER IS FOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rain and cold :( But now is May and at this month that weather is very often :(

ThNkS for comments!!!!!!!
Good morning!!!
2007-05-13 @ 13:22:22
Hello. Yesterday I was talking with some people on this blog. Was cool and thx:*

Tommorow to school :D
I love school but tomorrow I have got english lesson without Polish people :(
But meybe this lesson will be fast and I'll understandind what I have to do on lesson :)
I have got english Television :)
It's me again :)
2007-05-13 @ 00:04:11
Hello. Thank you for every comment!!! You are lovly!!! Greetings for:

Tress :*
And for everyone of course :*

Boredom!!!! I want Monday!!!!! I love school. But in my class was accident. I'll not writing about it but it was horrible. :(

My polish blog- http://pritka.blog.onet.pl come and give comment but now I have got a problem. Not only me. Lot of people at some moment have got 0 MB on their cont. Me too. I haven't got even my logo. I can't give anything on my blog. :(

But I am happy with my ENGLISH BLOG :) Thanks for every comment :*
2007-05-12 @ 20:31:48
Hello. Thank You very much for yours comments. Now I'll write what's happening in my life. :)

Every day I am going to english school :(
But I love her :D
I have got a homework every day and tests :/
Normaly life :)

I have got little sister. Her name is Victoria, she's english :) I am Polish. Before I lived in Zakopane. Beautiful town :)

Greetings for all!!!!!!!!!
2007-05-12 @ 18:22:51
hello. I'm Patrycja. I live in England in Doncaster. I don't speak english very well and I hope that blog will help me :)
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