About me..;)
Real name: Magdalena
Came from : Gliwice ( Little village in Poland ;)
Animals : Cat Harryś
Favorite song ( right now) : Alicia Keys - Karma
My friends: Kara, Martas (3), Agata, Aga, Sara, Helena, Alina, Karolina, Honcia, Paulina, Basia, Kina, Misia.
Siblings: Wojtek (13), Zuzia (8), Ala (2)
Parents: I have
About my english:
I like all ( BE, AM, AUS E, CA), but I prefer American English Spelling. It's easier, and I'm a bit lazy. Pronunciation ? Rather American, but sometimes British.. Canadian or Australian ...;]
But normally.. American ..

If you have some questions, Ask me..sotalady.no1@onet.eu

Oh. I prefer British and American English. But BE is better than American ;p
Luv ya ;*

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