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2006-07-19 @ 22:24:37
Why did you write that your life is boring ?? So I can write that my life is boring too. I often stay at home. I have a lot of friends but they live far and I can't meet them every day when we don't go to school. I don't like it and it is one of the reason why I'm writting this blog. I can say what is my problem and it takes some time :D I write two blogs and it is interesting to read comments and write new notes. You don't have to write what you did all day, minute after minute. I write what I want to say every people. And I like it :) I'm waiting for your answer :) bye :D

heh....ya i know mu life isn't boring. i love my life i've got a lot of friends and i can meet them. i was in a farm yesterday because my friend was there.her grandma is ill and we was helping her. heh.... thanks for ur answer:*

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