The best holiday in my life :D:D:D:D
2006-07-10 @ 14:27:33
Hi! I'm Ola. It's my first note in english :D. I have blog but I write it in polish. I hope you will read what I write. I decide to try, because I think it is a good way to train my english. So maybe I write something about my holiday :D I came back two days ago. But unfotunately I had to leave Baia Domizia four days ago :( I drove two days. The journey was very tired and long. I met very interesting people : Leonardo:*, Federico:*, Giorgio:*, Eliah:*, Figo:*, Marta:*, Lina:*, Zuza:*, Asia:*. I hope I don't forget about anyone :P So I was going to the swimming pool every day :D There were streching in the pool and dance group. Afternoon I was going to the seaside and I was swimming in the sea. The weather was great!!! One day I was in Rome. It's a beautiful place :D I were in basilica Saint Peter and Paolo :D I visited all ruins: Forum Romanum and Coloseum :D When I was in Italy, their team in football was playing match. I supported them :D:D:D:D It was amazing :P This atmosphere!!! I'll never forget it :) I don't write everything about my holiday because I can't say it by words :P Only I know what I felt when I was there :D Now I have almost two months free :):) I don't know what I will do but I'm not going to bore :P So see you later!! Bye :D:D :*:*:*

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