Long time
2007-05-21 @ 21:53:21
I haven't written for a long time. Many things changed, but some are the same. All time I try to be happy, but it's really difficult. Today my parents found out that pew weeks ago all my class played truant ;P when they told me about it I could't stop laughing. I told them that we had been to cinema on: "Bean's Holiday" It was really funny.
I haven't any close, but I don;t want to think about it. I want to believe taht someday I'll meet someone. Perhaps tomorrow?
See U ;*
My minds =D
2006-07-26 @ 21:53:05
I'm sitting here and thinking...about everything...my life, friedns, school, parents... Someday I want to run far, far away, to the place where I could do everything what I want, go everything where I want, just be free!!! ;) It's very important to be free. Of course we like to feel safe, in our home with fireplace and yellow walls. But... I want something more... I want to revel!!! I dream about love, passion, party, people :] That's all... now it's too much...
Better than yesterday :]
2006-07-21 @ 13:35:37
I also think: everything will be all right :D Everyone has bad and good days. It's normal :D I tried to viev my problem with objectivity. It's not always possible, but I think it's the best way to understand why I have such problems. It doesn't always effective, but often does :P now I'm okey, I can't say that I'm happy, but it's not important :P the most important thing is that I'm in a good mood :) I hope you too :)
~~ don't worry be happy ~~ it's true :PP
and I should remeber to be more confident :P
Sadness =(
2006-07-20 @ 21:04:12
I knew that sadness appear... but why?? I don't like be sad, but today afternoon I couldn't laugh or at least smile... Maybe I'm too sensitive ... I don't know but I'm sure that I don't like some sytuation. When someone know that I'm in a bad mood and tell me something what I don't want to hear. I try to undrestand it, but it is for me very difficult. Okey I'm wrong. She wanted only tell me why she is happy... I don' know what I m write... There is no point in it... =((
Answer :D
2006-07-19 @ 22:24:37
Why did you write that your life is boring ?? So I can write that my life is boring too. I often stay at home. I have a lot of friends but they live far and I can't meet them every day when we don't go to school. I don't like it and it is one of the reason why I'm writting this blog. I can say what is my problem and it takes some time :D I write two blogs and it is interesting to read comments and write new notes. You don't have to write what you did all day, minute after minute. I write what I want to say every people. And I like it :) I'm waiting for your answer :) bye :D
HoLiDay :P
2006-07-19 @ 17:44:50
Last week I was at home all the time. My friends are at the seaside or in the mountain and I have no idea to spend my free time. Tomorrow I want to bake a cake :) I can't bake and cook so it is for me challenge!! :P I hope I will not burn my house :] Also tomorrow my parents have wedding anniversary :D And I, my sister and our father were in the city to buy a gift. We chose a silver necklace. It is very pretty and I hope mum will be glad.
And just one message to Patrick : I'm sixteen and you ?? I hope you have blog too so could you give me your adress ??? thanks for your comment :D
Exactly 13 months ago...
2006-07-11 @ 19:13:05
Exactly 11 Juni 2005 was one of the best day in my life. Yes I'm too sentimental, but I like this feature of my character. So on that day was my school ball. It was amazing. The ballroom look wonderful!!! Everywhere were flowers and other decoration. And there were he... We came together on this ball. and we spent it together. Almost every song we danced... I'll never forget it :D:D:D
The best holiday in my life :D:D:D:D
2006-07-10 @ 14:27:33
Hi! I'm Ola. It's my first note in english :D. I have blog but I write it in polish. I hope you will read what I write. I decide to try, because I think it is a good way to train my english. So maybe I write something about my holiday :D I came back two days ago. But unfotunately I had to leave Baia Domizia four days ago :( I drove two days. The journey was very tired and long. I met very interesting people : Leonardo:*, Federico:*, Giorgio:*, Eliah:*, Figo:*, Marta:*, Lina:*, Zuza:*, Asia:*. I hope I don't forget about anyone :P So I was going to the swimming pool every day :D There were streching in the pool and dance group. Afternoon I was going to the seaside and I was swimming in the sea. The weather was great!!! One day I was in Rome. It's a beautiful place :D I were in basilica Saint Peter and Paolo :D I visited all ruins: Forum Romanum and Coloseum :D When I was in Italy, their team in football was playing match. I supported them :D:D:D:D It was amazing :P This atmosphere!!! I'll never forget it :) I don't write everything about my holiday because I can't say it by words :P Only I know what I felt when I was there :D Now I have almost two months free :):) I don't know what I will do but I'm not going to bore :P So see you later!! Bye :D:D :*:*:*
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