2011-03-26 @ 16:57:22
Hi ;P I know that I don't write for a long time but I don't have idea what write. Now I don't know too. So... yyy I have a big mess in my room because my mum makes repairs. At the moments I'm going to go for a walk, so see you. Bye ;P
2011-03-05 @ 15:48:23
Hi! I must write this note fast, because my brother want to play computer games.
Btw.I have got really nice day, but I don't know way. I just like because I feel well. So I think that note should be enough long.
2011-02-27 @ 15:13:22
Soon I'm going to walk with my cousin. Than we and my brother are going to play volleyball. It's a bit snowy and cold but we would like to have great fun :P
Btw. I must make my homework yet but I really don't want...
2011-02-12 @ 23:58:37
Hi ;P Today again my parents went to the party. They wear dress as hippy xD They look funny. At Monday I must again go to the school. This holiday pasted to fast. I'm sleepy so I'm going to sleep ;P Bay
2011-01-31 @ 15:55:26
Today begin holidays. I was with my friends in cinema on films "The Chronicles of Narnia return of the Dawn Treader". It was Ok :P Btw. Today also I must undecorate Christmas tree. I don't want to this but I hope that my brother help to me.
2011-01-15 @ 21:56:21
Hi, today to my home come parent's friends. They have son, he has nine and he is aged my younger brother Paul. My parents go to party and I must to look after them. I have second brother too. He is my twin brother and he called Mark. I hate him. I must to finished yet, because they are playing ball in the living room and they soon brake window. Oo now come to me my cousin Jarek. He said that names Jarek can't be translate because it's Slavic name but I would like write Jared xD Will be fun.
2011-01-09 @ 12:04:33
So, I tried to make History homework but it's really difficult. I have to draw Roman camp from the Polybius's description ;P I don't understand him.
Btw. Tomorrow I have only four lessons. Two Biology and two English. So I'm happy xD
2011-01-06 @ 14:24:21
In Saturday began New Year. New Year's Eve I spend at my friend's home. It was great. I had really good time. Today I am at home, because it is free day but unfortunately tomorrow I have to go to school. I know that this what I wrote is stupid but I don't know what to wrote xD
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