Today!!!Today is Happy Day!!:P
2007-07-27 @ 21:57:35
Malita flying to me now:):):)

At 22 o'clock she will be on airport in my town:):)
I can't going for her..cause I have to much cleaning..and I'm cooking soup "zalewajka" now:):)(It's the best soup in world hehe:))So my boyfriend going for her:)

So I think that this evening will be great..You now music drinks..beers and big party hehe:)

Ok..I must going to kitchen:):):)

See you later:)By Bye:*
2007-07-27 @ 00:42:43
Hi All!!

Tomorrow is very important day for me..
My best friend-Malita flying to me for 2 weeks:):):):)

I am very very very happy!!!!I don't see her 6 months..:(:(I can't sleep...because I want tomorrow now!!:P

OK..I go to bed....but If I can't sleep I have a lot off some book):):)Books...hmm..this isn't bad idea:)

So..bye bye..see you tomorrow:):*

Nice Day!!!
2007-07-26 @ 20:05:29
Today is very nice day...sunny and warm!!No rain!!:):):):)yeahh:)

I'm very happy:):):)
Today I was in centre:)I was buy a new belt and clothes:)And a lot off foods...mmm:):):):)

I will be watching some film later, cause my boyfriend was going to work..and I am alone at home now:):):)

Ps.Thank you Isabelitka for your comment:):)You're very nice:)And You have right:)I have a new polish friends on this webside:)You're really helpful and great people!!Thank you very much!!:)

Hi all:)
2007-07-25 @ 13:49:33
Hallo All:)

Today is bad day...The weather is bad...Everything is bad:(:(:(:(...
No sun,no job,no polish friends...Ehh I am lonely,bad and tired!!:(
And outdoors rain and rain...buuu;(
Really this is a bad day for my.

I hope so that you have more nice day than I:)

Best regards:):):)Kisses:*
2007-07-24 @ 18:27:05

I want thank you for your comments:):):):)
You are very nice people:)

Today I was going to my new friend and we are looking for a job...but my english is basic and this is a I must learn more and more.I know that I can do it!I must know I am lonely and bored in my home:(:(My boyfriend's working 3 days on week..and I am cooking and cleaning...wrrr..:):):)
I must go to work!!

I hope so that you help me with my english:)

So..See you later:)Bye Bye:*
My First day:):):):)
2007-07-23 @ 20:33:40
Hi All:):):)
My name is Alex and I'm form Czeladź, but now I'm live in Cork,Ireland:) This is my first english blog...hmmm..You must know than my english is very basic...:(:(But I want learn:):):)

If you can please correct my mistakes:):):):)
Thank you very much hehehe...

See you soon:)
Bye bye:)
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