Dear Readers
2006-07-24 @ 22:41:07
I would like to request you guys who are reading this blog for comments of notes. If you will comment, i will know what to change if you don't it will be like it is. I know that's not the worest, but it always could be better:] So ... please comment, read and enjoy :)
Episode #4 Dead bodies
2006-07-24 @ 11:05:46
It's so hot in here. After the breakfast i've decided that i will tour the city. It's looks nice so i left my stuff in my room without my second love deagle.

Few hours later.

City is really nice i didn't know that city has so many intresting places. It's almost evening soon i got to meet with that guy. Does he will find her for me? Maybe. Now i will go do eat something and later go to that bar. Dinner was great i didn't supost that it can be so tasty in here. Now it's time to visit that bar. After few minutes i was in. Like always i orderek whisky. After hour old guy come in. Now my chase can be continued if he have those informations. - Hey there, have u got that what i asked for? - He sat next to me and ordered that light beer. - Yes, we will talk about it later. Now i want to drink that beer in calm. After few minutes we went out in the back of the bar. There was a narrow alley. - Show me what you've got. - easy easy firstly show me my money. - SO i shown him those fivehundert dolars. - Ok now, did you find her? - Yes but she wasn't here for long she left last evening, beacuse she had only meeting here. - Where she is now? - I think she flight to Germany on the next meeting. - Was she alone? or with someone? - With her was some guy, but it will cost you more. - Hmmm he wants more money. I have got to do something before i lose everything. - If you say so ... - I pull out my lovely deagle and put him to his head - Have you something more to say? - NO! i told you everything what a know. - Ok then, give me back my moneys and i think i let you go. - He gaved me money, but what should i do now? - Goodbye then. - I shot his leg - Don't forget you didn't see me. - When i was walking down the alley i heared some noise behid me. I turned around and i saw that guy is exceling me from his beretta. Now the anger come up. I pull out me deagle again and shot in his head. A lot of blood was everywhere and some brain? I turned around again. I had few stepts to the street. Some hooker was standing in front of me. She saw his death. She was afraid of me and what did she have seen. Would you be scared when in front of you would be standing a big man with long black hair to his shoulders. In black coat with gun in his hand? I comand her to step into the alley. She was shaking, she wasn't young. I put my gun to hers head and shot. Once again a lot of blood and brain was everywhere. While later i was on my way to the hotel. I packed up everything what i have.I didn't know that evenings here are so bright. While later i was on my way on the airport. When i was crossing over that court there was a lot of cops. Now my target was Berlin so i took a plane and said goodbye to Greece.

To be continued
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