Episode #3 in Greece
2006-07-23 @ 22:59:35
It was evening when i've arrived.
Athens are living their own life.
Here is so hot even at now. I have to choose a hotel, and begin serching tomorow. Near suburbs was a little nice hotel called "Miracle". After my registration i left my stuff in my room and go to bar. Bar about midnight wasn't so crowded as i thought. I sat next the paltry. Whisky please. Barman come to me and fill my glass. Next to me was siting older man, he was drinking some kind of local beer. Goodevening -
i had hope that he is speaking in english
- how are you?. He looked at me and opened his mouth. After a while he said - Hello fine thank you. Are you a turist? - after those words he drink rest of his bear. - Not exactly i'm looking for someone, why? - i've asked for a next glass of wshisky Old man took one more beer. - looking for ... i can help you i know few people here who can find everything.
- Really - i was suprised that old guy can have such a connections. - Ok then, when can u find her for me? - i showed him a photo of my wife and her name and rest which he wanted to know.
- Hmmm ... can we meet here tomorow at the same time? - Yes - what do i have to lose - will you find her? - I'll try, but it's almost nighty percent sure if she is a turist. - How much you want for that informationshundert american dolars. - It wont be a problem, see you tomorow. Later i left the Bar and went to the hotel. I couldn't sleep again. My anger was growing and growing when i was closer to find her. Now i'll try to sleep. I was liing on the bed untill i falled in sleep.

To be continued
Episode #2 Trip
2006-07-23 @ 17:33:15
When i left the bulding i come back to my little apartment. It was afternon when i've finished packing some usefull thing. You will fly with me - i've said to me deagle. My apartment was small. It's rented. I moved from our old house. Our hause was perfectly designed for us, but now she want to sell it. When i packed everything, i took some moneys and took a taxi. Taxi driver took me on the airport. My plane is leaving in few minutes so ... i have to hurry. Airport was crowded as usual. I catched my plane and now few hours of flight. I slept in a plane, beacouse i couldn't at night. When we landed i took a taxi to take me on police. When i was in front of their bulding i went insede. Bulding wasn't too big. Only two floors. Now i have to find out where is she. I saw a cop in a reception so i stand in front of him. Goodmoorning, could you help me? - i've asked him - Goodmorning, what can i do for you?- Policeman wasn't hight, but he was fat and bald with mustache. - I'm looking for my wife she is missing for few days. Her name is Joline Angels, could u tell me, beacouse i heared the she is some here. I love her very much and i would like to find her. - Cop started to checking hotels registration - when he told me that's not a problem. After five minutes i knew that she is in Albage hotel on the on of the islands. So i lend a car and drive on a coast from where i could take a motor boat. After half hour i was on the island.
While later i was standing in hotels reception. Young beautifull lady was registering new guests. When she finished talking on a phone. I've asked her that she know in which room my wife and her lover live. Yound unexpired girls talk to much, she shouldn't tell me it but ... i know. When i found room number 78. I come in and pull out my desert eagle. I was prepared to kill her and him. But the room was empty when i force in the door. I come back to the reception. Now there was another woman. I've asked where is that couple from room 78. She said reported out in the morning. Now i was angry much more then before. I want to kill that young girl, But it was no time for it. I've searched the room i found some leaflets from few countrys of Europe. From Eangland, no she couldn't come back home. Germany it was possible. Swiss she don't like cold. Grece possible. Now it's time to leave this place and go back to Europe. I took a motor boat and left the island. Later i give back the car. Few scratches more or less doesn't metter.
Now i have to fly to Greece, Primavera Hotel. It was my next target. I took a plane and flew there.

To be continued
Story about a man who knew the truth ... Episode #1 Chase
2006-07-23 @ 12:03:01
Almost midnight ... I thought that my life is great and i don't need anything more. But everything has been destroyed. It's her fault. Now it's only me and my gun. I live to kill them both and die. I've got to find her ... she has left few days ago, where she can be now?. Nevermind, i'll think about it tomorow.

Next day. Morning.

I couldn't sleep. Horrible nightmares about her betrade and that guy!
They have to die!
I haven't ate any breakfast. I left my house and went to her work.
People on the street were same as usual they are. Day was sunny, trees were green as usual in the summer. Street was crowded everybody were heading their work. I choose a bus. After a quater i was under UNV corp. bulding. My anger was growing with every moment. THEY HAVE TO DIE! I've asked a woman in reception where works Mrs. Angels, she changed her surname, but it wasn't a problem. The Elevator took me on twelve floor. While after, i found my wife's office. I knoked few times, but with no answer. Some lady told me that she has left 3 days ago. On her vacation. She went on the Bahama Islands. So my chase has begun.

To be continued

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