Episode #2 Trip
2006-07-23 @ 17:33:15
When i left the bulding i come back to my little apartment. It was afternon when i've finished packing some usefull thing. You will fly with me - i've said to me deagle. My apartment was small. It's rented. I moved from our old house. Our hause was perfectly designed for us, but now she want to sell it. When i packed everything, i took some moneys and took a taxi. Taxi driver took me on the airport. My plane is leaving in few minutes so ... i have to hurry. Airport was crowded as usual. I catched my plane and now few hours of flight. I slept in a plane, beacouse i couldn't at night. When we landed i took a taxi to take me on police. When i was in front of their bulding i went insede. Bulding wasn't too big. Only two floors. Now i have to find out where is she. I saw a cop in a reception so i stand in front of him. Goodmoorning, could you help me? - i've asked him - Goodmorning, what can i do for you?- Policeman wasn't hight, but he was fat and bald with mustache. - I'm looking for my wife she is missing for few days. Her name is Joline Angels, could u tell me, beacouse i heared the she is some here. I love her very much and i would like to find her. - Cop started to checking hotels registration - when he told me that's not a problem. After five minutes i knew that she is in Albage hotel on the on of the islands. So i lend a car and drive on a coast from where i could take a motor boat. After half hour i was on the island.
While later i was standing in hotels reception. Young beautifull lady was registering new guests. When she finished talking on a phone. I've asked her that she know in which room my wife and her lover live. Yound unexpired girls talk to much, she shouldn't tell me it but ... i know. When i found room number 78. I come in and pull out my desert eagle. I was prepared to kill her and him. But the room was empty when i force in the door. I come back to the reception. Now there was another woman. I've asked where is that couple from room 78. She said reported out in the morning. Now i was angry much more then before. I want to kill that young girl, But it was no time for it. I've searched the room i found some leaflets from few countrys of Europe. From Eangland, no she couldn't come back home. Germany it was possible. Swiss she don't like cold. Grece possible. Now it's time to leave this place and go back to Europe. I took a motor boat and left the island. Later i give back the car. Few scratches more or less doesn't metter.
Now i have to fly to Greece, Primavera Hotel. It was my next target. I took a plane and flew there.

To be continued

I'm hilarious :D

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