Story about a man who knew the truth ... Episode #1 Chase
2006-07-23 @ 12:03:01
Almost midnight ... I thought that my life is great and i don't need anything more. But everything has been destroyed. It's her fault. Now it's only me and my gun. I live to kill them both and die. I've got to find her ... she has left few days ago, where she can be now?. Nevermind, i'll think about it tomorow.

Next day. Morning.

I couldn't sleep. Horrible nightmares about her betrade and that guy!
They have to die!
I haven't ate any breakfast. I left my house and went to her work.
People on the street were same as usual they are. Day was sunny, trees were green as usual in the summer. Street was crowded everybody were heading their work. I choose a bus. After a quater i was under UNV corp. bulding. My anger was growing with every moment. THEY HAVE TO DIE! I've asked a woman in reception where works Mrs. Angels, she changed her surname, but it wasn't a problem. The Elevator took me on twelve floor. While after, i found my wife's office. I knoked few times, but with no answer. Some lady told me that she has left 3 days ago. On her vacation. She went on the Bahama Islands. So my chase has begun.

To be continued

I was sure I'll be worth of waiting :D lol don't let me down next time :D this is good stuff :D
wow man !
Despite some spelling error it's getting really interesting.
I can't wait until next episode :D
I hope it won't end with next note but it will be longer :D
I got to work about discribing places, few mistakes are already fixed. Thx 4 Freshness 4 help:D thx fan:] i've hope that you like whole story :] Maybe later i'll write sth more.
you're welcome :D my inspiration :D
Your are my inspiration too :]

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