2008-08-18 @ 17:34:34
I didn't have any time beacuse I have worked up till now.
My job was very boring but now I have some money so I can buy something only for myself;p
I got into university UŚ so I was very happy:] but now I don't know what I shoud do...hmmm I must leave my house my family friends.:(
I know that there I will find new friends but I will miss for Paulina&Gosia;( . Also I go out with Przemek now and I think that I must break up with him in September;{. I will be missssssssss very muchhhhh but life is cruel :( buuuuuuuuuu.......
HOLIDAY's time
2008-07-06 @ 20:38:19
day after day and now we have HOLIDAY.
Weather is rather nice fortunetly:P
I passed my matura exam and I waiting for that I get to some good school. I don't know what I want to do in the feature but I think that meybe I will find my destination;]
Futhemore I don't miss for him like early. I have new friend who is really nice and he help me forget about HIM. Unfortunetly he doesn't live next to me but meybe we meet soon:P I hope so :D
see you soon;]
I m come back:)
2008-05-13 @ 20:57:19
why does everything have to be so complicated?? I don't want to be ,,big girl'' I' m afraid people who I will meet beacuse I know that many of them are not sincere and like hurt other.
First of all I hurt beacuse of you. You like when I am unhappy and thinking about you.
Am Friday I have Birthday. DZIZAS :P I am so old -----> my 19 birthday:)
I think that now I must change my life.I would like to be responsible person but other hand I like when other people take care about me:P
I would like to celebrate my birthday with you bot it is impossible:( It will be so sad birthday:( I miss you:*
2008-03-09 @ 17:38:12
I'm so sad beacuse I haven't free time and he didn't write anything. I miss too much. Beacuse of he I can not learn Only I thinking about he.... I and hurt:( He is coming soon but certainly he is not going to meet with me. I will be wait beacuse I have not anythig else. Now I should try learn something so this is everything now.
2008-03-04 @ 16:23:31
Sometimes I am happy sometimes unhappy. Life is very cruel Now I know it. I have many problems and I don't know what I should do. Many learn = many problems.
only <---->lonely
2008-02-26 @ 14:08:01
I don't know who lie me He or she :/ He told me that she is not important for him but she told that he gave her hope. So I don't know what I should think about it. I like him but she is my friends so I have big problem beacuse I don't know Should I fight?? Sometimes I think that I give up everything : my family, friends and I will go anywhere. I don't like this people who talk me what I should do. How I can be responsible for me when other people run my life. I want to flee with this place and look for happiness... Why is everything difficult?? I would like to be happy and find true love...........
2008-02-25 @ 15:28:03
I haven't written for so long time. Sorry but I forgot that I have this blog. Horrible-->> I know. I don't have time for anything:/ ---> REALLY. oNLY i must learn to my matura exam so I have not enough time that do anythig. I would like to pass this exam and have MANY free time. I hope that I pass it:( Besides everything is not fine. I met wonderfull boy but:
--> now he is abroad:( sometimes write to me but I don't know when he come bak:(
--> my classmate love him and everything is very difficult and I don't know what I should do
--> he is very shy and up till now I must ask him for everything
--> sometimes I think that he write to me beacuse is bored
I don't know why Life is not SIMPLE and why LOVE is not simple
I promise that write something soon

<------- bye------>
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